Michael and Kate


Capturing a wedding day through photography is always a privilege and an honour, but when it's for people that you also consider friends and whose family you've started to form tight bonds with, this is even more true. When Kate and Michael got engaged and asked us to document their day, we were thrilled! From knowing the two of them, we knew that the day would be filled with laugher, love, tears, hugs, and smiles - exactly what a wedding day should be! We also knew what it would not be is high stress or high anxiety. The focus on the day was simply about these two souls becoming one and all the rest of it was just the fun stuff that surrounds it and allows you to share it with those nearest and dearest. These days are our favourite! 


Dress: Studio White

Suits: Routleys

Ceremony: QVMAG Art Gallery, Wellington Street

Reception: Strathlynn