Every Wedding Day is different and after shooting  100's of Weddings these are just a few basic hints & tips to try and make your day as smooth and stress free as possible. 

We highly recommend having a read through and hold onto it throughout your planning process and also take a look at out FAQ page.


About 7 weeks prior to the wedding day we’ll send you an online questionnaire to fill out, providing us with all the final details of the day. From there, we’ll put together a time-line of our movements for the day. This is also when your final payment must be paid.

We do ask that you fill out the form as soon as you can and pay the remaining amount so we can start to plan out your timeline.

Ideally if you’re local and have the time it’s always great to catch up the week before your Wedding and go over some details of the day alternatively this can be done via email or phone. If you haven’t already decided on an album this will be your last chance to upgrade to an album package to secure the discounted package pricing..

A large part of the finished product is fully controllable by yourselves. “What you put into it - is what you get of it.” This is in regards to how open you are for guidance, the time given during the couples session, how co-operative your bridal party is and trying to stick with a rough time-line of the day. 

GROOM PREPARATIONS - allow about 30 minutes

As a general guide, if you have 6 hour package, we only recommend capturing the Bride prep, but if you do wish to add hours to get photos of the guys “pre-ceremony” Clint normally spends around 30 minutes with the guys. 

It’s becoming more common that couple’s would rather use this time to capture more “Reception time”

Guys pre-wedding shots are varied from any preparations they are responsible for on the actual wedding day, to them all having breakfast or throwing the footy around, to actually getting dressed and ready. Be sure you discuss with each other and with us what you would like to capture from that portion of the day and what time we will be arriving. 

Every Wedding Day is different and unique and every couple has their own comfort levels. Wether you choose to have Clint photograph the Grooms preparations is entirely up to you. If you do wish to capture formal Groom preparations 

Please keep in mind the following.

  • Be showered and dressed for when we arrive - Don’t worry about tie & jacket just yet.

  • Make sure all the groomsmen know we are coming too

  • If staying in a hotel, Keep in mind we may want to use some space for photos so its always a good idea to keep an area clean.

  • Sometimes overlooked but be sure to iron shirts etc the day before.

BRIDE PREPARATIONS - Allow about 1 Hour

We will start by capturing all the bride’s details for the day. We’ll capture the dress, shoes, jewellery, flowers and anything else special on the day - This generally takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how many details and how important these images are to the Bride & Groom.

If you are having hair/make-up done on-site, we’ll then capture those final touches. Next we’ll then take some images of the bride with her bridesmaids before the girls get dressed, and then ask the bridesmaids to get ready so they can assist the bride getting into her gown.

If time allows, we will do bridal portraits and photos with the bridesmaids and other family members before we leave for the ceremony. 

  • Try to keep the rooms you are getting ready in as clear of clutter as possible

  • Your images will be a pretty true reflection of this area so its best to try and ensure the area is kept pretty clean.

  • If having hair and make-up done where you are getting ready, let them know what time we are arriving

  • Be sure to let other important family members and friends who are a part of your preparations know they are part of the photos too and to embrace it and just relax. By pretending we aren’t there for the most part you will get the most natural photos possible - We’re guiding them through this on the day.

  • Try to schedule an overlap between us and Hair & Make-up to be sure we get your finishing touches


Clint tries to arrive to the ceremony about 15-30 minutes early so we can capture details of the set-up, guests arriving, and the groom anxiously awaiting his bride. We will also greet the celebrant/minister and sometimes depending on circumstances make some small suggestions, for example asking to keep the aisle clear and asking for him/her to move to the side for your first kiss. 

At the start of the ceremony Clint will greet the bride and then moves around in a very unobtrusive way to capture her entrance from a number of angles. Ideally, he'll be able to have a spot that allows him to get her being walked in and then follow her down the aisle (from a distance) in order to capture the groom’s expression.  For the duration of the ceremony he will be moving around throughout to capture many different angles, but will always remain as unobtrusive as possible during the ceremony.

Once the ceremony is complete we allow 15-30 minutes (depending on timing of the day) for congratulatory hugs and to mingle with your guests.

  • We do not typically use flash during the ceremony

  • If there are specific requirements of the ceremony location with respect to photos, please let us know in advance

  • If having a videographer, we will assess space needs on the day for all to achieve the best results

  • We highly suggest that you ask guests to turn off their phones and cameras and enjoys the ceremony - this of course is entirely up to you. We’ve had many images not be as great as they could be by guests roaming with cameras during the ceremony.

  • Something to keep in mind, some ceremony locations have a shaded option nearby - Sometimes just by moving a couple of meters can ensure a more comfortable and photogenic ceremony.

  • PLEASE let us know if you are planning on being fashionably or unfashionably late so we can factor that time in.

FAMILY PHOTOS - Allow about 30 minutes

Part of the wedding questionnaire is your family photo list - Please make sure you give us first names. This ensures this portion of the day is as smooth and easy as possible. We usually recommend keeping the list to about 12-15 groupings maximum. This is a part of the day can take a lot longer than you expect and generally a part of the day that you, and your family least enjoy. If you have more groupings than we suggest it may be possible to grab those during the reception - Or have a back up list on hand incase the day is running ahead of schedule.

Nominate someone from each side of the family to help us in gathering those we need for photos. 

Here's an example of what a typical family list will look like.

It's also recommended that you use first names on the list to make the day smoother.

Bride's Family

  1. Bride, Groom, Bride’s Mum, Bride’s Dad

  2. Bride, Groom, Bride’s Mum, Bride’s Dad, Bride’s Siblings

  3. Bride, Groom, Bride’s Mum, Bride’s Dad, Bride’s Siblings, Partners and kids

  4. Bride, Groom, Bride’s Mum, Bride’s Dad, Bride’s Siblings, Partners and kids, Bride’s Grandparents

  5. Bride, Groom, Bride’s Grandparents

  6. Bride, Bride’s Siblings

  7. Bride, Bride’s Mum

  8. Bride, Bride’s Dad

Groom's Family

  1. Bride, Groom, Bride’s Mum, Bride’s Dad, Groom’s Mum, Groom’s Dad

  2. Bride, Groom, Groom’s Mum, Groom’s Dad, Groom’s Siblings

  3. Bride, Groom, Groom’s Mum, Groom’s Dad, Groom’s Siblings, Partners and kids

  4. Bride, Groom, Groom’s Mum, Groom’s Dad, Groom’s Siblings, Partners and kids, Groom’s Grandparents

  5. Bride, Groom, Groom's Grandparents

  6. Groom, Groom’s siblings

  7. Groom, Groom’s Mum

  8. Groom, Groom’s Dad

Please Note: We absolutely love same sex weddings so If there a 2 x Grooms or 2 x Brides please change the list accordingly. Also, every family and situation is different and a lot/most may have extended families but this is just a guide to get you started.

BRIDAL PARTY - Allow about 20 minutes

We’ll spend about 15-20 minutes with the entire bridal party doing photos. Your final portfolio will include images of the entire bridal party and images with just the groom’s side and just the bride’s. 

If there are other combinations you would like, just let us know so we capture it and allow the time too. 

  • Having a hamper of food and drinks ready for bridal party is a great idea!

  • Generally the entire Bridal Party will only be at one location

  • Allow extra time for larger bridal parties and bridal parties with Children, from experience this process can take a MUCH longer.

  • Be sure to let your entire bridal Party know how important these images are to you - We’re all for having a load of fun and laughs but we also want to make sure we can capture some truly beautiful images for you to keep forever.

COUPLES SESSION - Allow about 1 hour

For the best images we suggest this portion of the day be spent with just the two of you. It’s one of the only moments of the day where you can be alone and really take in the fact that it’s your wedding day! We’ll need about 45-60 minutes with just the two of you, but much of that is just spent walking and letting you two relax a bit. 

If you have any locations in mind please let us know, but we really suggest for you to be guided by us in regards to where there is the best and most flattering photogenic light.

Wearing heals for the wedding? Consider having some flats handy to bring with! It makes the walking more enjoyable and opens up the possibilities for where we can take you! 



Once Clint enters the reception he’ll capture any styling details and guests enjoying themselves. He’ll capture your entrance into reception and the rest of what we photograph is largely up to you two and the schedule of the evening. With a 6 hour day, you can assumeClint will be in the reception for the first Hour. If you have added hours to your package , Clint will be at the reception for longer and capture more moments, so just keep that in mind when planning the reception so we capture as much as possible while we are there.

  • Consider doing a cake cutting, dance, or speeches early in the night so I'm there to capture it.

  • When doing the seating chart, seat couples next to each other. It’s easy to capture images of them together then!

  • Depending on the time of year and light, Clint may bring the two of you back outside one last shot before we leave. This only takes about 10 minutes can and can be a nice way to wrap up the portfolio of the day.

  • A Wedding day rarely runs to time - Which is absolutely awesome because you’re there to have fun and enjoy your Wedding Day. But when scheduling the reception photography be sure to schedule the last photographed event 30mins prior to Clint’s departure.

  • If you change your mind during the day and want to extend your coverage, our hourly rate is $300ph


Generally, a few days after your wedding we’ll post a teaser image or two on our Facebook page or email them directly to you to share with family and friends. 

Our usual turn around for all your images from a Wedding day is normally 4 weeks. 

This is when all the images will be available in your online gallery & your disc / USB of high-res images will be mailed.

If you have ordered albums, we’ll also start the first layout for you as soon as your images are done and send you a link as soon as that’s ready to view.



Below is a general guideline to help you when planning your day and how long we need/ask for photography. As you can see, if your entire day is occurring in one location, a 6 hour package is perfect for your day. If there is a bit of drive time to consider or if you want bridal party/couple’s photos in multiple locations, you just need to allow the time for it. And remember, what normally would be a 10 minute trip for you will be at least 15 minutes on a wedding day as there are more people to consider, a wedding dress, etc. The key is to be generous with allowing time for all aspects of the day - It’s your Wedding Day after all - Don’t rush.

When planning out you day please allow ample time to travel and park for both yourselves and for the photographer

Travel on a Wedding day takes longer for both you (Wedding Dress and Heels) and Clint (Camera Gear)






CEREMONY: 30 minutes


FAMILY PHOTOS: 30 minutes